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Berliner Wine Trophy - World's Largest OIV Wine Competition

Since the patronage of the OIV in 2004, the Berliner Wine Trophy has become the world’s largest wine competition and Germany’s most important international wine challenge under the patronage of the OIV and the UIOE. BWT brings well-known producers and distributors from around the world together every year, and the number of samples submitted is steadily growing with more than 14,000 entries yearly (Winter and Summer edition).

Summer Tasting:

27th July – 4th Aug. 2024


Registration deadline:

28th June 2024

Fee per wine:

Delivery deadline:

28th June 2024


Berliner Wine Trophy 2024 medal
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Submitted Wines
9816 +

in 2022

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Top 10 advantages of our wine challenge

There are few wine contests worldwide that offer so many guarantees and services for each submitted wine. In our opinion, success lies in two words: added value. Nowadays it’s not enough just awarding a medal; We offer a complete offline and online marketing package to help promote the award-winning wines:
• Free medal in digital format in order to promote your award-winning wines.
• Free marketing toolkit with helpful tips to reinforce your marketing strategy.
• Free professional photos of all the wines registered, available at your user account.
• The winners will be featured on our website (thousands of visits/month), in an exclusive area.
• The award-winning wines are promoted actively and passively, via social networks.
• The results are shared in our network, with the aim of linking buyers and producers.
• High-quality DIN-A3 size diplomas, with a gold (or silver) laminated medal, for all winners.
• Many online platforms offer “bundles” and “sets” using our medal as a sales argument.
• The winning wines are present in our events in Asia, aimed at professionals in the sector.
• We work hand in hand with our partners to highlight the winners against the competition.
Image: graphic - Berliner Wine Trophy (international wine challenge) - Medal for selling more wines, up to 30% boost wine sales

International Organisation Vine and Wine

International Union of Oenologists

New standards in the wine scene

This year, the Berliner Wine Trophy has set once again new standards with over 14,000 wine samples submitted. Due to the limited contingent of places, many submissions could not be accepted by the end of the registration period. In the last Winter Edition, almost 2,000 participants from 40 countries have registered their products. Also, submitters from countries with little tradition of viticulture are among the participants, which demonstrates the high international reputation of the Berliner Wine Trophy.

In cooperation with the corresponding committees, the maximum number of submissions for the Berliner Wine Trophy has been limited to 7,000 per event. Unfortunately, if this self-imposed limit was exceeded, as on previous occasions, we will have to close the registration period before the established deadline.

For us, DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing, this limitation is a logical step in the quality approach with which we operate and that we implement in all areas of work. With the patronage of the OIV and the UIOE (and the strict controls that this entails), with the notarial supervision, the oenological analyzes of the awarded wines, and much more, we and all the members of the jury are ready to give the submitted products all the appreciation they deserve.

At the same time, this measure prevents an inflationary increase of award-winning wines with the Berliner Wine Trophy medal. It has always been something special to receive this award, and it should remain so. Therefore, participants should not wait until the last moment but submit the wines as soon as possible.

Discover the Best Wines and Best Participants

Tasting the wines
The Berliner Wine Trophy is held twice a year, with the Summer Edition and the Winter Edition, to suit the different events that take place throughout the year (the harvest, the strong sales months, etc). This is a brief summary of some important steps in the process of organizing one of the most important wine competitions in the world.
1 - Receiving the wines
Wine Trophy - Backstage Preparations - - Wine Bottle - Berliner Wine Trophy International Wine Challenge - Wine Tasting

In our facilities in Berlin, our logistics staff receive hundreds of wines a day during the months prior to the tasting. They unpack, identify and check that the samples match the data provided in the "sample passport" and in our system. Only then is an internal code assigned that will serve to pinpoint and locate the sample at a later stage

2 - Storage of the wines
Berliner Wine Trophy - Backstage White Wine - Sparkling Wine - Wine Tasting - Wine Challenge

Samples from all over the world participate in our wine challenges, which sometimes involve long and hectic transports. Therefore, the bottles will be stored in a vertical position to ensure that any possible sediments are deposited at the bottom. There are different rooms for each category of wine, all of them with the corresponding light and temperature to ensure the best possible conditions.

3 - HD-picture of each wine
DWM - Wine Shoot 2

Thanks to our service WineShoot, all the wines received are photographed in high quality and even in 360°. The images are available to the participants free of charge, and they will be able to use them on their respective websites, social networks, magazines, etc. to promote their wines. The pictures will also be used to illustrate the award-winning wines on our results page.

4 - Creating the "Flights"
Berliner Wine Trophy - Flight Overview

The management team, in close collaboration with the experts of the OIV and the UIOE, organizes and groups the "Flights" taking into account the characteristics of the wines. In this way, the tasting conditions are fair for all wines as the jurors will not be negatively affected by aspects such as variety, acidity, residual sugar and alcohol content.

5 - The tasting days
Wine Scanner - Wine Judge - Service Girl - Berliner Wine Trophy - Wine Tasting - Wine Challenge

The wines will be tasted by a jury consisting of oenologists, sommeliers, masters of wine, traders, winegrowers, journalists... The products will be rated according to the regulations of OIV and UIOE, using the 100-point score system (blind tasting). That includes categories such as red wine, white wine, rosé wine, orange wine, sparkling wine, liquor wine and more.

6 - Fairness & rigourousness
Tablet - Wine Score - Wine Judge - Berliner Wine Trophy - Wine Tasting - Wine Challenge

It must be said that the jurors do not know whether a wine will finally receive a medal or not, due to circumstances such as the "30% rule". It is therefore impossible to influence the final results in any way. Both the notaries and the observers from the different entities, such as the OIV, watch to ensure that there are no irregularities at any stage of the process.

7 - After the tasting
DWM - Wine Trophy Results

The BWT was the first competition to introduce, among other things, the oenological analyses of the awarded wines and the notarial supervision. In contrast to other wine contests, only the best 30% of the products tasted are finally awarded a medal (according to OIV standards). This does not reduce the value of the rest of the products, but it does accentuate the prestige that it represents to receive it.

Berliner Wine Trophy - Special Awards
The Special Awards are only awarded in the Winter Edition of Berliner Wine Trophy. In order for the results of the Summer Edition to take effect in the rating of Special Awards, the medals of the awarded products in the Summer Trophy will be included in next year’s Special Award evaluation. If a wine wins a medal in both Wine Trophies (Summer Edition and next year’s Winter Edition), only the one of higher value will be taken into consideration for the evaluation of Special Awards.