Why submit to a DWM International Wine Challenge?

There are several reasons to submit your wines to one of our International Wine Competitions, we have summarized some key benefits for you:

Best-known Medal
According to a study performed by Geisenheim University, the Berliner Wine Trophy is the best-known international wine challenge among German consumers.

Market Leader
Over 20,000 different wines submitted yearly from 41 countries; more than 2,000 active users on our platform; thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Increase Sales
Participants who have applied our Grand Gold, Gold, or Silver medals to their products increased sales by an average of 24% on the German wine market.

Notarial Supervision
In order to guarantee compliance with all the strict rules of the competition, the tasting of the Berliner Wein Trophy takes place under notarial supervision.

Our competitions are performed according to OIV and UIOE rules. This, along with our own controls, make our wine contests probably the most strictly controlled worldwide.

For over 25 years, DWM has been setting standards in the wine industry. We specialize in organizing and hosting international wine tastings and wine fairs.

Special Awards
Being awarded at a Wine Trophy is already extraordinary (due to the 30% rule). On top of this, we award Special Awards too. Only the best of the best will achieve it.

Oenological Analysis
In order to keep high-quality standards, we commission oenological analyses (performed by an independent laboratory) to every awarded wine in Berliner Wine Trophy.

Wine HD Picture
Thanks to our service Wine Shoot, all participants can download a high-quality picture (masked and cropped) of each submitted product, at no additional cost.

Wine Competitions Agenda 2024:

Berliner Wine Trophy
Winter Edition

Tasting: 22nd Feb. – 1st Mar.

Portugal Wine Trophy
Beira Interior Edition

Tasting: 26th – 28th Apr.

Berliner Wine Trophy
Summer Edition

Tasting: 27th Jul. – 4th Aug.

Asia Wine Trophy
South Korea

Tasting: 27th – 30th Oct.

OIV logo - International Organisation of Vine and Wine

International Organisation Vine and Wine

International Union of Oenologists

How to submit to a Wine Trophy?

To make organization easier, we have summarized all relevant information in 4 main steps:

1. User Account: sign up or log in

We recommend you to create your own user account, in which you can register your wines online.

In addition to the online registration, your account offers many other benefits:

  • register, correct, or delete your wines whenever you want
  • have a better overview of your wines for all our different contests
  • print the “sample pass” easily
  • check the results after the contests, before they are openly published
  • download a preliminary version of the diplomas of your awarded wines
  • order medals for your awarded wines, with a few clicks
  • download an HD picture of your submitted wines
  • download the laboratory analyses of your awarded wines (only BWT)

2. Submitting the wines

Submitting the wines is really easy. Just log in and go to the Wine Registration tab, select your desired Wine Trophy, and fill out all the details of your sample.

You can download the detailed instructions as a PDF file ►

3. Payment options

During the online registration of the wine, you can choose bank transfer.

Our bank details:

DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE 4710 0900 0010 2070 4000

Please specify your customer ID, the invoice number, or the company name as the description of the transfer.

Payment method

4. Sending the samples

Right after online registration, you will receive an automatic email (to the email address you have provided) confirming those wines which have been correctly submitted. You can send the samples for the wine challenges to the corresponding address:

Berliner Wine Trophy

Portugal Wine Trophy

Asia Wine Trophy

Please mind the following important details when sending the samples:

• Please make sure you have checked the deadline and the address
• Participants of the Berliner Wine Trophy must send 4 bottles* of each registered reference
• Participants of the Portugal Wine Trophy must send 4 bottles* of each registered reference
• Participants of the Asia Wine Trophy must send 6 bottles* of each registered reference
• The corresponding “sample pass” for each reference must be included in the package
• Please ensure that no customs duties are incurred (see instructions for international wine-tasting sample dispatch)

*bottles à 0.75 liters; in case of lower capacity bottles please send (at least) 3 liters in total. 

How much does it cost?

The participation fee for each sample submitted is €145.00. In Germany, a statutory added amount is to be paid as legal VAT. However, for countries in the European Union and other third-party countries, VAT is not incurred with the presentation of a valid VAT ID number.

In order to allow smaller wine producers to enjoy greater participation, the following special regulations have been introduced for wine-producing companies. The individual producers are grouped according to the size of their operation, with the growing area of their vineyards serving as the basis for the calculation. The participation fee for these companies is also €145.00 per fee.

The following scale applies:

SizeFeesWinesAdditional wines
0 to 5 ha11plus 2 free*
5.1 to 10 ha22plus 4 free*
10.1 to 15 ha33plus 6 free*
15.1 to 20 ha44plus 8 free*
20.1 to 25 ha55plus 10 free*
25.1 to 30 ha66plus 12 free*
30.1 to 35 ha77plus 14 free*
35.1 to 40 ha88plus 16 free*
40.1 to 50 ha99plus 18 free*
over 50 ha1010plus 20 free*
*each additional fee covers 3 wines
The calculation is always based on the actual number of wines submitted, whereby the size of the wine-producing company is definitive for the maximum applicable number of fees. The regulation does not apply to wine-producing companies which increase their production through the additional purchase of grapes, must, or cask wine. They will be charged according to the number of submitted wines. DWM reserves the right to check the indicated size of the companies, and in the event of any discrepancies to use the actual size as the basis for calculating fees.

Should more wines be submitted than are covered by the hectare-dependent fee, these will be calculated with the same key (3 wines – 1 fee). If fewer wines are submitted than are covered by the hectare-dependent fee, then the fee will be calculated based on the actual number of submitted wines.

What is included?

There are few wine contests worldwide that offer so many guarantees and services for each submitted wine. In our opinion, success lies in two words: added value. Nowadays it’s not enough just awarding a medal; We offer a complete offline and online marketing package to help promote the award-winning wines:

• Free medal in digital format in order to promote your award-winning wines.
• Free marketing toolkit with helpful tips to reinforce your marketing strategy.
• Free professional photos of all the wines registered, available at your user account.
• The winners will be featured on our website (thousands of visits/month), in an exclusive area.
• The award-winning wines are promoted actively and passively, via social networks.
• The results are shared in our network, with the aim of linking buyers and producers.
• High-quality DIN-A3 size diplomas, with a gold (or silver) laminated medal, for all winners.
• Many online platforms offer “bundles” and “sets” using our medal as a sales argument.
• The winning wines are present in our events in Asia, aimed at professionals in the sector.
• We work hand in hand with our partners to highlight the winners against the competition.
2 Trophies, 1 Fee
Thanks to co-working with the city of Daejeon in Korea, all wines submitted to the Berliner or Portugal Wine Trophy can be registered also for the Asia Wine Trophy at no additional costs. Not only the registration is fee waived, the shipping costs from Berlin to Korea, customs fees, and all other costs incurred are paid by the DWM in cooperation with the city of Daejeon.

When enrolling for the Berliner or Portugal Wine Trophy, simply click on the “offer” button for participation in Asia Wine Trophy and without much effort, your wine / sparkling wine is automatically registered for both competitions.

An additional 6 bottles of the registered products will be required for tasting in Asia which you can send to DWM in Berlin either together with the other samples or at a later date (complying with delivery deadlines).

Products enrolled for the Asia Wine Trophy that receive an award, will of course count towards the results of the Golden League.

Medals: Stickers & Printing Rights

Knowing the factors that influence customers when they have to decide which product to buy, is a very important issue. Many marketing experts strive to find answers to this question, but several elements affect this process so it is difficult to establish fixed rules.

The key to success lies in these factors, and luckily we know and offer one of them: our medals. Customers can recognize the higher quality of your products (rated by experts from all around the world) and they will choose yours over other products which have no medal.

As a submitter of a Wine Trophy, you have the possibility to order medal stickers and reproduction rights for your awarded products. Here you can find our guidelines for the correct use of the Medals of DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing.

Medal Stickers

You can order our adhesive medals to place directly on your bottles. We recommend you to order from your user account.

Otherwise, you can download the Medal Order Form ↓

Printing Rights

As an alternative to medal stickers, you can acquire the printing rights. This way you can integrate our medal into the label design.

Here you can download the Printing Rights Form ↓