WEINmesse berlin
Germany's Largest Wine Consumer-Fair
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WEINmesse berlin: Germany's largest wine consumer-fair

Since 1992, the focus of this industry-highlight has been the successful marketing of wines and enjoyment. Every year, the WEINmesse Berlin attracts over 32,000 visitors to the capital, making it Germany’s largest wine consumer-fair.

With the new creed “Wine, Land and Enjoyment”, its organizer DWM, which has been setting new standards in this entire industry for years, brings out the taste for wine producers, retailers and end-consumers.





Dear Exhibitors

We all have had a difficult year in which it was hard for all of us to keep the customers and to survive this time with a lot of commitment and dedication. Now we are looking forward to things getting better in the coming weeks and normality returning for the most part in 2022. Therefore, the WEINmesse 2022 is already scheduled, the event spaces blocked and our team has already started work.
Please tell us about your interest in participating in the WEINmesse berlin 2022 (Berlin Wine Fair) via the button above. For you, this expression of interest is not binding. For us as organizers, however, it is.

Why is this important? So that we can reserve a booth for you in advance and then send you a proposal or contract directly after working out the hall plans. Because it may well be that the aftermath will force us to revise the stand plan (safety distances, etc.).