WEINmesse berlin
Germany's Largest Wine Consumer-Fair
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WEINmesse berlin: Germany's largest wine consumer-fair

Since 1992, the focus of this industry-highlight has been the successful marketing of wines and enjoyment. Every year, the WEINmesse Berlin attracts over 32,000 visitors to the capital, making it Germany’s largest wine consumer-fair.

With the new creed “Wine, Land and Enjoyment”, its organizer DWM, which has been setting new standards in this entire industry for years, brings out the taste for wine producers, retailers and end-consumers.


18 – 22 February 2022





Important Information

Dear exhibitors,

Many of you have been looking forward to the Berlin Wine Fair 2022 (WEINmesse berlin 2022). Have been hoping to see your “Berliner” customers again, to meet colleagues and friends at the fair, and, of course, to generate sales.

Actually, we wanted to turn the WEINmesse berlin into a big celebration with you next year. Actually……and now the situation is even more confusing than before.

Since no one could ever predict exactly how it would develop, we waited this year first with the registrations and always hoped that the situation would improve. Unfortunately, this was a false hope.

In the meantime, the regulations for a fair with the character of WEINmesse berlin are such that we cannot rent you a stand with a clear conscience:

• 2G+ (recovered, vaccinated, tested) is in preparation for fairs with such a profile
• All visitors must register in advance (online) and set a time window so that tracking is feasible
• Visitors must always keep their distance at the booth and be registered again if they stay longer (15 min) at the stand
• Safety screens are desired
• It is not allowed to walk through the rows with the glasses and drink
• The stands must be separated from each other.

We could continue the list, but these regulations alone make a pleasant get-together as good as impossible. And right now, no one can say if the rules will be lifted or even tightened. And for us, compliance with the regulations and thus the safety of exhibitors and visitors is our top priority.

This means that a wine fair cannot be carried out in a carefree manner. And a good, relaxed atmosphere, fun and laughter are, besides the good wine and the possibility to buy it, the most important factors for a successful fair. And for you as an exhibitor, the guarantee for the visitors’ desire to buy.

Therefore, both Messe Berlin as the organizer and DWM as co-organizer, have decided with a heavy heart to cancel WEINmesse berlin 2022 as well. Nothing has ever been more difficult for all of us. We have all been looking forward to this date with joy and expectation. Especially after the difficult last 2 years, such a fair with the promised after-show party would have done insanely well. But also the party should not have taken place.

For all of you, this is of course also a heavy blow, because a fair after this time is also an important financial factor.

We all regret this very much, hope that you have survived and will survive the time with your family so far, above all in good health, and look forward to the day when we can again hold such an event together without any worries.

We wish you good health, success in the year-end business, and a good new start into 2022.