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Germany's Largest Wine Consumer Fair


February 2024


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Since 1992, the focus of this industry-highlight has been the successful marketing of wines and enjoyment. Every year, the WEINmesse Berlin attracts over 32,000 visitors to the capital, making it Germany’s largest wine consumer fair.

With the new creed “Wine, Land and Enjoyment”, its organizer DWM, which has been setting new standards in this entire industry for years, brings out the taste for wine producers, retailers and end-consumers.

More than 25 years of success

In the 1990s, many winegrowers hosted their Berlin customers in rented hotel rooms. The idea of ​​bringing the entire wine industry together in one place was initiated by WEINmesse berlin organisers, Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH (DWM). The premier event in 1993 attracted 1,800 visitors to the Logenhaus in Berlin where 70 exhibitors showcased their products. Over the years, the event gained more popularity and was relocated to Rathaus Schöneberg. The historic city hall was closed to major events after 2009 and WEINmesse berlin moved to Tempelhof Airport where it attracted more than 250 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors.

After relocating to STATION-Berlin, a former train station turned convention centre, the event continued to grow with more exhibitors and stands featuring gourmet food and wine accessories. To continue positioning WEINmesse berlin at the top, they needed a partner with better technical facilities, trade fair expertise and innovation potential. Messe Berlin turned out to be a perfect choice. A unique symbiosis designed to benefit visitors and exhibitors alike was created by consolidating specialised units and know-how.