Quality Management

Quality is the most important element for us. Berliner Wein Trophy was the first in the scene to introduce, among other things, oenological analyses of awarded wines and notarial supervision. Unlike other wine contests, only 30% of the tasted products can be awarded (according to OIV rules). That means only the best products have the honour of receiving a DWM – Wine Trophy medal.

Through our patronages and memberships, the Trophies of DWM belong to the most strictly controlled wine competitions in the world. All wines submitted are tasted under strict guidelines by a panel of international independent experts.

OIV logo - International Organisation of Vine and Wine

International Organisation Vine and Wine

International Union of Oenologists

OIV - International Organisation for Vine and Wine

OIV is the most significant organisation in the field of wine growing around the world. That is why a large amount of information is available on the international website for our interested readers.


In the framework of its competence, the objectives of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine shall be as follows:

a) to inform its members of measures whereby the concerns of producers, consumers and other players in the vine and wine products sector may be taken into consideration
b) to assist other international organizations, both intergovernmental and non-governmental, especially those which carry out standardization activities
c) to contribute to international harmonization of existing practices and standards and, as necessary, to the preparation of new international standards in order to improve the conditions for producing and marketing vine and wine products and to help ensure that the interests of consumers are taken into account

To attain these objectives, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine’s activities shall be:

to promote and guide scientific and technical research and experimentation
to draw up and frame recommendations and monitor implementation of such recommendations in liaison with its members, especially in the following areas: conditions for grape production, enological practices, definition and/or description of products, labeling and marketing conditions, methods for analyzing and assessing vine products
to submit to its members all proposals relating to: guaranteeing the authenticity of vine products, especially with regard to consumers, in particular in connection with the information provided on labels, protecting geographical indications, especially vine- and wine-growing areas and the related appellations of origin, whether designated by geographical names or not, insofar as they do not call into question international agreements relating to trade and intellectual property, improving scientific and technical criteria for recognizing and protecting new viti/vinicultural plant varieties
to contribute to the harmonization and adaptation of regulations by its members or, where relevant, to facilitate mutual recognition of practices within its field of activities
to help protect the health of consumers and to contribute to food safety: by specialist scientific monitoring, making it possible to assess the specific characteristics of vine products, by promoting and guiding research into appropriate nutritional and health aspects, by extending the dissemination of information resulting from such research to the medical and healthcare profession.

DWM - Quality Management Vineyards

UIOE - International Union of Oenologists

The UIOE, short for International Union of Oenologists, combines a variety of national professional associations relating to viticulture and vinification. The highly esteemed association is thus the voice of the most important oenological associations around the world. The UIOE is dedicated to promoting and protecting both the professional and economic interests of oenologists and related professions – and of course to represent the interests of its members. The UIOE speaks on behalf of over 20,000 professionals from more than 12,000 establishments.

From Paris to the affiliated regional associations

The registered association was founded in 1965 by winemaker Gabriel Humeau and has its headquarters in Paris. The regional associations of the UIOE in the German-speaking countries are the “Association of German Oenologists”, the “Association of Austrian Oenologists and Wine Researchers”, and the “National Association of Oenologists of Switzerland”.

True wine connoisseur: the oenologist

The term oenology is derived from the ancient Greek word “oînos” for wine. Those who study the entire process of wine production from the wine presses to maturation are known as wine scientists or oenologists.

Oenologists work in all areas of wine production, from the development of winery equipment to the analysis and marketing of the products. The majority of all oenologists (70%) come from the European Union. More than one third of all oenologists are employed in senior positions and are thus deciding forces in the wine industry. Another 10% are freelancers, and all the rest hold other positions.

DWM - Sunny Vineyards UIOE

VinoFed - The Reference in International Wine Contests

VinoFed is the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits Competitions and currently regroups 14 major competitions.

With observer status at the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV), VinoFed collaborates in the development and revision of OIV Standards for International wines and spirits as well as guidelines for competitions. VinoFed obtains OIV patronage for its members. VinoFed audits each competition to exacting standards.

The aim is to ensure absolute credibility for VinoFed members and to ensure the authenticity and high quality of wines and spirits that obtain awards, and to give them the right to carry the VinoFed label.

VinoFed gives the producers the assurance that its products have been assessed according to well-defined guidelines by competent international tasters. It strengthens consumer confidence by guaranteeing the quality of award-winning products.