DWM: A History of Wine

The history of DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing is simple: it was born because and for wine. For over 25 years, DWM has been setting standards in the wine industry, from WEINmesse berlin to the International Wine Trophies, all over the world.

We specialise in organizing and hosting internationally esteemed wine competitions. With WEINmesse berlin, DWM has its own “house show”. With more than 30,000 visitors annually, it has grown to the largest end-consumer wine fair. In addition, we bring innovative trade shows to life – at home in Berlin but also throughout Europe and Asia.

1994: Where it all began

Within the context of Berlin Wine Show (WEINmesse berlin), the tasting was initially installed as a kind of audience prize. Supervised by the Berlin Wine Authority with a jury made up of wine experts and consumers. This audience award has been developed as the supporting program of the Berlin Wine Show and as a selling aid for the wine show presenters. These then submitted 180 wines during the first tasting.

One year later, the jury was made up of designated wine experts only, starting from the second time on and was named “Berlin Jury Prize”.

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2000: The renaming

Renaming of the Berlin Jury Prize to Berliner Wein Trophy. By this time, more than 400 wines were submitted by the presenters alone. The potential of the awarded prize as an argumentation aid became apparent to the visitors of the Berlin Wine Show.

2003: OIV monitoring

During this first monitoring, the professional work was recognized and the Berliner Wine Trophy was suggested for OIV patronage. The application of the Berlin Senate was sent to the Federation in order to change viticultural legal provisions. Submission to the Federal Council as this is equivalent to a legislative amendment.

One year later, in 2004, the Berliner Wine Trophy obtained its first OIV patronage. There were a total of 14 events worldwide at that time which had received this patronage. Since the Berliner Wine Trophy could not be given the Senate’s approval due to the legal situation, the prize-winning wines could not be labeled with a medal on the bottles.

2010: Summer edition

The total number of wines submitted increased to 5,300. Due to the new OIV regulations, it is possible to award prizes to individual categories. This means that the Berlin Wine Trophy could take place on two different dates. 3,900 wines were submitted by the due date in February. This is again an exceptional increase.

On the second date, the Summer Trophy, which took place for the first time in 2010, 1,400 wines were submitted. This means that the total number of tasted samples rose to 5,300. The Berlin Wine Trophy became, therefore, one of the largest and most important wine tastings in the world.

International Organisation Vine and Wine

International Union of Oenologists

2012: International

The quality and reputation of the Berliner Wine Trophy led to a negotiation with officials from the city of Daejeon. Daejeon, one of South Korea’s largest cities and former Expo city, is hosting the Food & Wine Festival for the first time this year. The Berlin Wine Trophy is invited to present award-winning wines to the interested public in Daejeon. 300 award-winning wines are presented by participants of the Berliner Wine Trophy in Daejeon and 18 companies are personally there at the Food & Wine Festival. The genuine organization of the Food & Wine Festival is the reason why over 200,000 visitors were counted on 3 days.

The same occurs in Portugal, with plans to organize a new wine challenge. After a plenary session, OIV’s Executive Committee awarded patronage for the Daejeon Wine Trophy (Asia Wine Trophy) and the Portugal Wine Trophy. The DWM is thus host of three international tastings under the patronage of the OIV.

2019: Breaking records
In 2019, the DWM wine challenges surpassed the barrier of 20,000 wines, adding up all the entries. Each of our wine contests (Berliner Wine Trophy, Portugal Wine Trophy, and Asia Wine Trophy) is the largest in its respective country. We hope our customers continue to deposit their confidence in us, so we will continue to put our experience at their service.
3 Wine Trophy Medals