July, 2020

How DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is responding to the COVID-19 situation

Deutsche Wein Marketing - 3 Wine Trophy Bottles
DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing knows how hard and difficult the work of wine professionals is. We take our work very seriously so that the hard effort of winemakers is, now more than ever, recognized in each of our wine competitions, the Wine Trophies. As in all areas worldwide, we too must adapt to the current situation. We must all face up to these challenges so that we do not endanger the health of individuals, but also so that we do not lose sight of the future of our companies.

Prioritizing safety without forgetting quality

For approximately 25 years we have pursued the same maxim: quality. Now we go even one step further to reach the highest standards of hygiene and safety without disadvantaging anyone – whether our partners, our employees, or our participants. We are permanently monitoring the evolving situation and adapting our efforts and responses.

We want to stay on the side of our participants

In these times of uncertainty and changing markets in the wine sector, it is more important than ever for our customers to be present and visible to wine consumers. That is why we have decided not to cancel our international wine challenges, as we know that our events and our medals are a decisive factor in determining the purchase decision.

Wine Bottle - Berliner Wine Trophy backstage - International Wine Challenge - Wine Tasting

Additional measures

In our events we already carry out exhaustive controls, both external and internal, to guarantee that the regulations and methodologies are respected. But given the current situation, we have obviously reinforced hygiene and safety measures. For us, the task was therefore to harmonise the legal requirements with the guidelines of the OIV, the UIOE and Vinofed. And this to such a degree that Wine Trophies will take place at the high-quality level that all are accustomed to as a submitter and as a jury member.

We have therefore decided to implement some additional measures to minimize the risk of contagion, of which the most representative are:
• Reduction of the number of jury groups by 60% to maintain a sufficient distance
• Increase in the number of tasting days, divided into slots where different jury groups will participate
• Each jury group will have its own “service” and “runner” staff in order to avoid any transmission
• All members of our staff will be taught the anti-contagious methods issued by the WHO
• All jurors will be advised to follow certain prevention practices
• We will provide hygienic material (masks, gloves, disinfectants, etc.) available to everyone
• All risk elements (glasses, spittoons, evaluation tablets, etc) will be personalized to avoid any transmission
• All common areas will be regularly cleaned and disinfected by our Cleaning Team

Obviously, all the basic rules of hygiene that we all know will also be fulfilled.

The highest industry standards

Some procedures will be different, but the core will be the same: the highest industry standards will be maintained. The tasting process will be optimized by these measures, but its quality is in no way compromised. During this unprecedented time, DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing continues to abide by all relevant internal policies and local commitments, laws, and regulations. We ensure that these claims are verifiable, substantiated and accurate.

We will continue being on the side of our participants, we will continue to recognize the best wines, we will continue to lead the way in wine competitions. After all, our leadership is not by chance. The success of our participants is our own success.


DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is a German company with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, organizing and hosting some of the largest international wine contests and wine fairs.