Berliner Wine Trophy
27th July - 4th August 2024
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Asia Wine Trophy
27th - 30th October 2024
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Portugal Wine Trophy: Beira Interior edition
26th - 28th April 2024
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World's Largest OIV Wine Challenges

The International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) granted patronage to only 27 wine competitions worldwide in 2019. This patronage is considered one of the highest recognition for a wine contest. Deutsche Wein Marketing has been setting standards for international wine competitions for 25 years. All tastings are not only under the patronage of the OIV but also under the auspices of the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and notary supervision. The DWM Wine Trophies are, therefore, considered to be among the most strictly controlled wine competitions worldwide.

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Entrant Countries

Berliner Wine Trophy

OIV patronage since 2004

The Berliner Wine Trophy has become Germany’s most influential wine competition and the world’s largest international wine challenge under the patronage of the OIV and the UIOE. The BWT brings well-known producers and distributors from around the world together every year, and the number of samples submitted is steadily growing with almost 15,000 entries a year (Winter and Summer edition).
Image Medal: Berliner Wine Trophy Logo - World's Largest OIV International Wine Challenge

Asia Wine Trophy

OIV patronage since 2013

In Asia, wine consumption has increased significantly in recent years. At the same time, the distinctions of DWM have made a name for themselves as a quality sign. Therefore, in 2013, the Asia Wine Trophy was launched. Meanwhile, the AWT has become one of the TOP wine challenges in Asia and one of the largest international competitions worldwide. As part of Asia Wine Week, about 150 international experts taste and rate more than 4,000 wines.

Portugal Wine Trophy

OIV patronage since 2014

After enjoying the hospitality in Bairrada in recent years, the Portugal Wine Trophy 2024 will take place in the beautiful wine-growing region Beira Interior. In a great ambience, the wines submitted will be tasted and evaluated by a professional and independent jury; this is the ideal setting for the outstanding wines presented each year by the participants. We look forward to collaborating with the ComissĂŁo VitivinĂ­cola Regional da Beira Interior and the municipality of Guarda in organizing the Portugal Wine Trophy 2024 -Beira Interior edition-

Why submit to a DWM international wine challenge?

There are several reasons to submit your wines to one of our International Wine Competitions, we have summarized some key benefits for you:

Image Medals: Portugal, Berlin & Asia Wine Trophy - DWM 3 Wine Competitions

Wine Competitions Agenda 2024:

Berliner Wine Trophy
Winter Edition

Tasting: 22nd Feb. – 1st Mar.

Portugal Wine Trophy
Beira Interior Edition

Tasting: 26th – 28th Apr.

Berliner Wine Trophy
Summer Edition

Tasting: 27th Jul. – 4th Aug.

Asia Wine Trophy
South Korea

Tasting: 27th – 30th Oct.

An International Wine Hub
Believe it or not, this is a very special place. Wine lovers and wine experts come together here. At DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing we take our work very seriously so that the hard effort of winemakers is recognized in each of our wine competitions, the Wine Trophies. Only then, consumers can choose a bottle of wine with our medal without fear of being wrong. It does not matter if it’s in the supermarket, in the wine bar in your neighborhood, or in the online wine shop, consumer satisfaction is one of our most important priorities.
And that is what it is all about, to help final consumers when making the purchase decision. There are many factors that influence this process (many marketing experts strive to find answers to this question), but the truth is that the medals of our wine contests are among these decisive factors. According to a study conducted by the University of Geisenheim, the Berliner Wine Trophy is the best-known international wine competition among German consumers. In other words, our medals could help to increase sales. Our leadership is not by chance. The success of our submitters is our own success. Every year we see growing the number of wineries, wine traders and all kinds of professionals in the wine sector that participate in our competitions.
For approximately 25 years we have pursued the same maxim: quality. On the one hand, there are the exhaustive external controls derived from the patronages of the OIV and the UIOE; international organizations that ensure that regulations and methodologies are respected. On the other hand, we have imposed our own standards that go beyond the guidelines of the OIV. For example, the notarial supervision carried out by an expert who controls the smallest details, from the temperature of the wines is correct to the final results to avoid traps of any kind. Or the oenological analyzes that we commission for all the awarded wines, performed by an independent laboratory, to guarantee that the quality of the wine that participates in our wine tasting is the same as the one that the consumers are going to find in the wine store or when they buy wine online.
A reference among wine competitions

Unlike other wine competitions, we have voluntarily limited the participation quota. In cooperation with the corresponding committees, the maximum number of registrations for our wine contests has been limited to 7,000 per event. For us, DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing, this limitation is a logical step in the quality approach with which we operate and that we implement in all areas of work. Both we and all the 700 expert members of the jury (made up of winemakers, enologists, “masters of wine”, wine importers, and all kinds of specialists in the sector) are ready to give submitted wines all the attention they deserve. At the same time, this measure prevents an inflationary increase of wines awarded with a Wine Trophy medal. If all the products could be awarded, what value would an award have?

There are few wine contests worldwide that offer so many guarantees and services for each submitted wine. In our opinion, success lies in two words: added value. Nowadays it’s not enough just awarding a medal; We offer a complete offline and online marketing package to help promote the award-winning wines:

More than 20,000 wines from 41 countries participating; More than 2,000 active users on our platform; Thousands of satisfied customers can not be wrong.

Under the patronage of:

International Organisation Vine and Wine

International Union of Oenologists

Control. Transparency. Quality.

The International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) is an intergovernmental organization with recognized competence in the vine and wine sector, which now unites 47 countries. The OIV has replaced the International Department of Vine and Wine and could therefore be colloquially referred to as the World Wine Authority.

The OIV granted patronage to only 27 wine competitions worldwide in 2019. This patronage is considered one of the highest recognition for a wine contest. After years of monitoring, all member states will vote on whether a certain competition receives the patronage or not. And only a unanimous result leads to the desired patronage. The special feature is that the patronage always applies only for one year and must be renewed individually, for each competition.

All Wine Trophies of the DWM are not only under the patronage of the OIV but also under the auspices of the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and notary supervision. The DWM wine challenges are, therefore, considered to be among the most strictly controlled wine competitions worldwide. With 3 international wine contests, the DWM is the largest wine event organizer within the scope of the OIV competitions. Achieving this is only possible with consistent adherence to the strict rules of the OIV, excellent objective wine experts, and permanent further development of the quality controls.

Results of our International Wine Contests

More than 6,000 award-winning wines in 2019. And that, although only the best 30% of the submitted wines can be awarded. In our database, in which we present you the awarded wines online, you can check back to 2009. Browse the results of 33,000 award-winning wines in the last 11 years and filter them to your liking.

Go in search of excellent wines which suit your taste!

Please note that as a submitter, you can check the results of your wines at any time in your user account