Berlin, 14th March 2022

26th Berliner Wine Trophy – Winter Edition 2022

The winter edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy breaks the 8,458 submissions mark again, despite global concerns

The Berliner Wine Trophy, currently the world’s largest independent wine competition, concluded its Winter Edition a few days ago. This time, despite the current difficulties of various kinds, the number of participants once again exceeded expectations with more than 8,458 wines from all over the world.
During 8 intense days, almost 220 highly qualified jurors tasted the products and evaluated them according to the applicable regulations. After the application of the 30% rule, the medals have been awarded in their respective categories, and these correspond to 51 Grand Gold medals and over 2,486 Golds. The results have already been audited by different entities such as the OIV, UIOE and VINOFED, as well as a team of notaries, to certify the neutrality and traceability of the evaluation process.
Once again, the main protagonists have been the wines, as could not be otherwise. The Berliner Wine Trophy team recognised the same trends in the wines entered as in the main international markets, such as the increase in organic and sustainable wines. The number of such products has almost tripled compared to last summer’s edition. This has also been reflected in the Special Awards granted by the competition, where the number of “Best Producer Organic” prizes has increased from two in 2021 to seven in 2022.
Berliner Wine Trophy - Red Wine 2022 Winter Edition - Portuguese Juror
The other aspect that follows the path upwards is the overall quality of the products. It is true that the Berliner Wine Trophy, according to the exhaustive rules of the OIV, only grants medals to the best 30% of the tasted products in order to prevent the medals from losing their value and significance. But it is also true that quality can be measured, and the results recorded in our system show the evidence; there are more and more wines in the higher parts of the table and the average points have risen considerably. Likewise, it is becoming uncommon for the expert juries to evaluate a wine with low scores.

Henk Gibramczik, Operation Director of DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing, stated: “This is an increasingly modern industry with ever more knowledgeable and demanding consumers. That is why I believe it is the responsibility of top-level competitions such as the Berliner Wine Trophy to fairly award medals to those products that stand out from the rest”.


DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is a German company with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, organizing and hosting some of the largest international wine contests and wine fairs.