Berlin, 20th October 2021

25th Berliner Wine Trophy – Summer Edition 2021

Germany's most influential wine challenge concluded successfully, with more than 6,000 wines tasted

The summer edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy 2021, which took place in the German capital from 8 to 17 October, has recently come to an end. On this occasion, almost 170 experts from all over the world have demonstrated their tasting skills for ten consecutive days. Their exemplary behaviour, complying with all sanitary standards, enabled them to taste more than 6,000 wines from 38 countries and thus award the appreciated awards of the “Berliner” competition. As usual and in compliance with the strict OIV regulations, only 30% of the wines judged received a medal, which corresponds to the following: 19 grand gold medals, 1,702 gold medals, and 171 silver medals.
On this occasion, the summer edition was held a few months later than usual in order to avoid the peaks of infections that usually occur in summer. The organisers consider this to be a great success, as it has allowed the jurors to be less concerned about contagions and even more focused on the wines, although the event has not failed to comply with local health laws.
But the late appointment, close to the grape harvest, has not prevented participants from continuing to place their full trust in the BWT, which is considered to be Germany’s most influential wine challenge. By 2021, both editions of the competition totalled more than 14,000 samples, making the Berliner Wine Trophy the largest independent wine competition in the world (without being affiliated/associated with a media or commercial group).

The trend remains the same as in previous editions of the Berliner Wine Trophy, the number of regions represented and the quality of the wines continues to rise. Regions such as China or Eastern Europe are not only gaining more and more representation, but also an increasing number of awarded wines.

Peter Antony, CEO of DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing, says: “We are honoured that more and more winemakers appreciate and trust our competitions. We are happy to know that the participants are aware of the fair and strictly controlled way in which our tastings are conducted. After all, that’s what makes the difference, and consumers know this when choosing a wine”.

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DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is a German company with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, organizing and hosting some of the largest international wine contests and wine fairs.