July 30th, 2019

23rd Berliner Wein Trophy – Summer Edition:

Germany's Largest Wine Challenge, consolidates its growing trend

More than 6,280 tasted wines confirms an increase compared to the previous years

The Summer Edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy, which has taken place from July 25 to 28 in the German capital, has been successfully concluded. The high temperatures reached during these days have not been an impediment for the more than 190 independent jurors to taste 6,286 wines from 34 different countries. As always, the event has been carried out with the highest quality standards demanded by international organizations such as the OIV, the UIOE or the VINOFED.

In this edition, the Deutsche Wein Marketing team wanted to go further and introduced some technical improvements, such as the active scanning and monitoring of wines throughout the process. Thanks to these improvements, the BWT is one of the few wine contests in the world that can unequivocally declare that the margin of error is almost 0% (every procedure of the Berliner Wine Trophy is verified by a team of notaries).

“All these measures not only have a positive impact on our productivity, but it also reinforces the confidence that participants place in us. In the end, both they and we seek the same goal: customer satisfaction”, said Peter Antony, CEO of Deutsche Wein Marketing.

“We want our medal to represent quality and confidence so that when a consumer chooses a product with the Berliner Wine Trophy medal at the wine store or at the online wine shop, they do so without fear of being wrong.”

Berliner Wine Trophy - Flight Overview

The fact is that Berliner Wine Trophy must be doing something right, as the number of participants continues to grow in each edition. If we take as reference the first summer edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy, in 2010, with more than 1,200 tasted wines, the figures show an increase of almost 500%. That puts the Berliner competition in the top 5 wine contests worldwide, with more than 13,600 wines registered in 2019 alone. Also, the supervision and controls committed by organizations such as the OIV, the UIOE, the VINOFED, or the notary team that controls all the processes, do not allow the numbers to be “inflated”, which gives the Berliner Wein Trophy an extra point of trust.


DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is a German company with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, organizing and hosting some of the largest international wine contests and wine fairs.