Berlin, 28th February 2020

24th Berliner Wine Trophy – Winter Edition 2020

The largest german wine challenge reflects the main trends in european and global wine sector

The Berliner Wine Trophy, the best-known wine competition among German consumers, has begun this year 2020 proving once again that it is a reference in the wine sector. In fact, despite the self-imposed limitation of submissions due to quality reasons, the numbers speak for themselves: 7,590 registered products, 34 countries represented (including several with little winemaking tradition), 2,278 awarded wines (only the best 30%, according to OIV rules) consisting of 27 Grand Gold, 2,078 Gold and 172 Silver medals.

The Berliner Wine Trophy is a mirror in which other competitions want to look since it has been gaining the trust of the participants for years thanks to its pioneering measures, the continuous improvements on a technical level and the numerous advantages it offers.

Not only that, but it also reflects the trends in the different international wine markets; the Deutsche Wein Marketing, organizers of the competition, claim that the submissions of organic wines, biodynamic wines, and vegan wines are increasing every year. This year, however, the entries of “new” containers such as cans, smaller bottles, and other popular formats stand out. This increment has been mainly due to participants from the “New World” since in Europe these trends are advancing more slowly.

DWM - Berliner Wein Trophy Pro Taster

In any case, it is only a reflection, as the Berliner Wine Trophy is conducted under strict rules and such factors have no impact on the evaluation. This German competition is the largest in the world under the patronage of the OIV, among other organizations, and takes place under notarial supervision so that all processes are objective, transparent, and neutral.


DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH is a German company with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, organizing and hosting some of the largest international wine contests and wine fairs.