Médailles & Droits d'Impression

Dans cette section, vous trouverez des réponses aux sujets les plus importants. Par exemple, comment commander des médailles et droits d’impression.

Absolutely! You have the possibility to order our medals in two different ways: self-adhesive stickers or printing rights. If you just want to use our medal for advertisement or promotion (webs, magazines, brochures, etc.), you get it for free.

Because awards are one of the factors that influence customers when they have to decide which product to buy. Customers can recognize the higher quality of your products and they will choose yours over other products which have no medal.

According to a study performed by Geisenheim’s University, the Berliner Wein Trophy is the best-known international wine competition among German consumers.

  • Medal Stickers: you can place these adhesive medals directly onto your bottles. We can provide rolls in various quantities and facing versions that adapt to your needs.
  • Printing Rights: you can integrate our medal in the label design and change the size and position if needed.

The unauthorized reproduction of our medals is forbidden and will be denounced.

You can order Medal Stickers from your user account (unfortunately not Printing Rights yet) or you can download the order forms directly from our website. The price depends on the quantity of ordered medals, it is shown on the forms.

Please note that shipping costs are NOT included.

As soon as we receive the order, we will check our database to verify the wine has been awarded (only awarded wines can carry the medal). If everything is correct, we will ship your order as soon as we can.

As soon as we receive the order, we will check our database to verify the wine has been awarded (only awarded wines can carry the medal). We will provide you with all digitals files so you can send us a draft of the wine label with our medal. If everything is correct, we will send you the authorization confirming the Printing Rights.

As you already know, we make oenological analyses of all prize-winning wines. If your wine has changed its name / reference / lot-number since it was awarded, we need to resemble the « new wine » by performing a comparative analysis. Please contact us for further specifications.

We will provide you with analysis form, please send one bottle of the « new wine » together with the form to the address shown on the document. A few days later you will receive an invoice from the laboratory.

Berliner Wine Trophy - benefit growth medal