Enregistrer vos vins

Dans cette section, vous trouverez des réponses aux sujets les plus importants. Par exemple, comment soumettre vos échantillons à un Wine Trophy.

Normally, the participation fee for each submitted wine is €135.00*. But, in order to allow individual or small wine-producing companies to enjoy greater participation, we have introduced some special conditions (additional registrations at no extra cost) depending on the cultivation area. Please click on the next link to see the price table. Don’t forget to check also the Asia Wine Trophy offer.

If you need some practical examples, visit our example page.

You will see the « Wine registration » tab at the left panel. Choose the desired Wine Trophy and start registering your products. If you need extra help don’t forget to take a look at our Registration Instructions.

Absolutely! Please enter all the details such as wine type, alcohol content, acidity, residual sugar, etc. so we can correctly categorize your wine for the competition.

Please make sure that all obligatory fields are filled out during the registration. As soon as you have saved the submission, it is automatically registered for the Wine Trophy. You should also receive an automatic email from our system confirming this.

Remember, you can always check your registered wines on the tab « Wine registration » and then « Registered wines ».

You can submit wines without a brand, but the bottles must have (at least) a provisional label to make them recognizable.

Yes, tank samples can participate in our wine contests. Just make sure the bottles have (at least) a provisional label to make them recognizable.

No, in our contests cannot participate beverages such as brandy (cognac), sangría, grappa, vermouth, ouzo, pisco, or any others containing flavorings or additives which are not properly regulated by OIV.