Inviare i campioni di vino

In questa sezione troverai le risposte agli argomenti più importanti su Wine Trophy. Ad esempio, dove inviare i campioni di vino per ogni concorso.

Premesso che nei nostri Wine Trophies hanno posti limitati per motivi di qualità, ti consigliamo di inviare campioni il prima possibile.

Depending on which Wine Trophy, you can send your samples to Berlin or directly to Portugal/Korea.

In our Intructions section (#4) you can check the corresponding addresses.

According to our rules, we need 4 bottles of each submitted product (at least 0.75 liters per bottle; in case of lower capacity bottles please send 6).

Yes. We need 6 additional bottles from each wine registered also for Asia Wine Trophy. In other words, 4 bottles for Berliner/Portugal Wine Trophy + 6 bottles for Asia Wine Trophy (10 bottles in total).

Yes, you can send your samples on pallets but they must not be wider than 80 cm (EuroPal).

IMPORTANT: the truck must have a loading lift as we DON’T have an electric pallet stacker.

Please write the name of the corresponding contest outside the package (for example: Berliner Wein Trophy) and introduce the “sample pass” inside.

You can print the sample pass directly at the screen right after saving your submission. Otherwise you can just login, click on the Wine Registration” tab at the left panel and then “Registered wines”. You will see a printer-like icon next to each submitted wine 

We highly recommend to follow packing instructions of your shipping company. But if something happens, we will contact you to find the best solution.

DWM - Packaging